restaurace a minipivovar U Orloje ŽatecStylish brewery restaurant in the center of ZatecOPEN DAILY FROM 11:00 TO 23:00

    in the original hop warehouse

    You will find us in the historic center of Žatec, near the Hop Astronomical Clock.


    non-traditional brewery restaurants

    The restaurant with its own brewery is part of the Hop and Beer Temple complex.


    ready meals and specialties

    “U Orloje” we serve traditional Czech dishes and specialties.


    from our microbrewery

    Taste beer from our mini-brewery and from the offer of the Žatec brewery.


    with barbecue and live music

    Enjoy our garden, barbecue and live music on warm days.

Restaurant U Orloje Zatec

restaurace U Orloje Žatec

The U Orloje restaurant Zatec is part of the Hop and Beer Temple complex . It was built in 2012 on the site of the original hop warehouse, almost in the center of Žatec. The non-traditional, stylish interior pays homage to the Žatec hop growers past and present and invites visitors to relax and recharge their batteries.

Immediately after the opening, the U Orloje restaurant found favor with the people of Žatec, it has also become a popular destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

At the beginning of 2021, the restaurant was closed for operational reasons, the kitchen and the back bar areas were completely refurbished, and new equipment was purchased. We did not resume operation until May 2022 after the reconstruction.

Restaurant U Orloje is focused on Czech gastronomy, we serve traditional Czech dishes and specialties . Of course, you will also find excellent beer or draft beer lemonades and great Moravian wines on our menu .

restaurace a minipivovar U Orloje Žatec


restaurace U Orloje Žatec

restaurace a minipivovar U Orloje Žatec

There is a micro-brewery within U Orloje restaurant. In full view of our guests in the main room, we brew beer in the traditional Czech way from local malt and hops. The resulting beer gives the drinker a genuine taste of traditional Czech beer.

We currently offer 2 types of our own beer and two beers from the historic Žatec Brewery. Recipes for the preparation of beer derive from the experience of several generations of Czech maltsters, hop growers and brewers.

In our Micro-brewery we brew:

11 ° Male – is a bright bottom-fermented lager with a delicate hop aroma, medium fullness and a longer bitter aftertaste. Beer is made from three types of malt in the traditional way, hopped three times. The Male is characterized by a higher cut, thick white foam and most importantly, excellent drinkability.
IBU – 37 | EPM – 11.2%

IPL 12 ° Sičák – is a bottom-fermented bright lager with a golden color, thick white foam. It has a lighter malt body, a fruity aroma with a hint of citrus and a higher fading bitterness.
IBU – 48 | EPM – 12.3%


restaurace U Orloje Žatec

In the summer months you can fully enjoy our Beer Garden. We will regularly organize various events here, such as: barbecues or live bands.

“Presidential” Lounge offers a discreet environment and undisturbed privacy for your family or company celebration. The capacity of the lounge is 35 seats.

Our beer hall with a large-format TV is intended for fans and sports enthusiasts for those games and events that you want to enjoy in the company of friends. You can watch, for example, Czech and English football, hockey or many other sporting events.

For parents with children, there is a children’s playroom with a café in the restaurant.

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restaurace a minipivovar U Orloje Žatec
Žatecký pivovar

Žatecký pivovar

restaurace U Orloje Žatec

In the U Orloje restaurant, you can also taste beers produced by the Zatec brewery.

The Zatec Brewery is a medium-sized microbrewery and continues the more than 200-year tradition of brewing beer in Zatec. The Zatec brewery brews beer in its original premises with the help of new and modern technology from KaspaSchulz.

The company brews all beers with love and respect for the craft of brewing and does not shy away from hard and honest work. In production, it uses original recipes and only first-class raw materials. Famous Zatec hops, carefully selected malt and quality water.

U Orloje – a restaurant Zatec with Micro-brewery. We offer a unique and welcoming   environment in the spirit and tradition of the mighty Czech Hop, excellent Czech cuisine, and truly delightful beer!


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