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    Město Žatec – srdce chmelařského regionu

The Temple of Hops and Beer in Žatec is a tourist complex created in the years 2009 to 2012 by the reconstruction of the former hop warehouses. It is located in the zone of technical monuments of hop growing and sympathetically follows the proud and special tradition of growing and trading hops in the Žatec region. It is often justifiably called the “Mecca of all hop growers and brewers”.
The Temple of Hops and Beer welcomes all ages of tourists, it forms a comprehensive complex suitable for day trips and is open all year round. The local government is striving to include the Satu Mare hop-growing monuments on the list of UNESCO candidates.
If you want to uncover the secrets of growing hops and brewing great beer, then the Temple of Hops and Beer is for you.

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